Texas Medicaid Works for Texans with Disabilties
Texas Medicaid Works for Texans with Disabilties

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The Story of How Groups Across Texas, like Amerigroup, Participate In Disability Mentoring Day

Texas Medicaid is a modern collaboration of doctors, hospitals and health plans that work together to provide more than 4 million Texans with affordable, high-quality health insurance.

But Medicaid is more than health care coverage—it’s investing in the future of Texas.

Texas Medicaid health plan Amerigroup participates in Disability Mentoring Day throughout the state to help students with disabilities learn how to transition to life after high school.

“This is about these students being introduced to the working world,” says Emie Young, Amerigroup Director of Community Outreach. “We talk to them about what opportunities are out there and what abilities they have to actually enter the workforce after they graduate.”

At the event, students have the opportunity to practice job interviews and learn what to expect when finding a job. Local businesses across Texas open their doors to educate the students about their industries and get them some hands-on time to experience what it would be like to work there.

“Meaningful employment is key to putting nutritional food on the table, assisting with providing education and child care for their kids for the rest of their life,” says Young.

Watch now to learn how Texas Medicaid is investing in the future of Texas by helping students with disabilities prepare for and transition to life after high school.

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