Texas Medicaid Works for Communities in Need
Texas Medicaid Works for Communities in Need

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The Story of How Texas Medicaid Mobilizes for Members in Need


One year ago, Hurricane Harvey ravaged the Texas coast and its floodwaters devastated the City of Houston. Thousands of Texans' lives, homes, and businesses were impacted by the storm. In the days leading up to Harvey, during its landfall, and in the aftermath of the storm, 

Texas Medicaid health plans mobilized immediately to anticipate the health care needs of their members and any Texans needing urgent help. Nurses and staff at Texas Medicaid plans like Molina stepped up and worked around the clock to ensure that their members had access to the health care they needed and even to help coordinate rescues and evacuations from flooded homes and nursing homes. 

Molina employees stayed in constant contact with their members to ensure their safety and that their medical needs were being met. Watch to learn how Texas Medicaid health plans mobilize immediately during crises to ensure Texans covered by Medicaid receive the personalized care they need.

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