Texas Medicaid Works for Mayten
Texas Medicaid Works for Mayten

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The Story of How Texas Medicaid Is There For Young Texans When They Need It The Most

Mayten was busy enjoying his senior year of high school, going to classes, hanging out with friends and planning for college. This healthy, 6’7”, 300-pound football player had no idea he would face his greatest challenge off the field. A tragic swimming accident would soon change his life forever.

“I dove in, instantly, in a blink of an eye, nothing’s moving,” said Mayten. An MRI confirmed he shattered his C5 and C6 vertebrae, leaving him paralyzed from the neck down. Due to the extent of his injuries and the treatment he needed, Mayten qualified for Texas Medicaid and became an Amerigroup member. Texas Medicaid stepped in immediately to cover Mayten's medical expenses, coordinate his complex medical needs and provide one-on-one caring support for Mayten and his family during this tough time.

After spending two months in the hospital and powering through intense rehabilitation, Mayten was released to go home the Wednesday before Thanksgiving. His life was turned upside down, and his family, including his mom Missy, realized they weren’t prepared to care for Mayten at home. They needed a lift to move him and a special bed to accommodate his large frame. His Amerigroup team mobilized immediately and worked with the family to cover his every need. Amerigroup case manager Shannon Webber and social worker Maria Gardner were quickly assigned to help Mayten’s family adjust for this new way of life. Maria got to work modifying the bathroom, installing a ramp and placing a home attendant. Shannon quickly secured necessary approvals for more immediate needs. “She got the bed and the lift there that night,” said Missy. Later, Shannon was able to get a specialized wheelchair that allows Mayten to live more independently.

Maria and Shannon’s job was far from done. They became advocates for Mayten and his family — even working to connect him with a second phase of inpatient rehabilitation “It made me feel like they cared about me, [and] they cared about Mayten,” said Missy.

Mayten realized he had a choice - to see the glass half full or see it half empty. With a larger-than-life personality and contagious zest for life, Mayten set his mind to achieving the inspiring goal of walking across the stage for graduation. With the help of his Amerigroup Texas Medicaid team, Mayten worked tirelessly every day. On graduation day, his classmates, his family and Shannon joined the audience in thunderous applause as Mayten took those steps across the stage to accept his diploma.

Now a college student, Mayten is adjusting to life with some limitations. But he knows his life is also filled with possibilities and a bright future, perhaps as a lawyer. “Glass half empty, or glass half full,” said Mayten. “I try to look at it as glass half full.”

Learn how Texas Medicaid is there when families need it most and helps young Texans like Mayten achieve their goals, from the ordinary to the extraordinary.

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