Texas Medicaid Works for Winslow in Fort Worth
Texas Medicaid Works for Winslow in Fort Worth

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The Story of How Texas Medicaid Supports Families Every Step of The Way

This Is Their Village – Learn How Texas Medicaid Supports the Ogle Family Every Step of Their Journey

Only one in 250,000 new babies in the U.S. has heterotaxy syndrome. Five years ago, the Ogle family’s baby girl Winslow was one of them.

Born with many of her vital organs out of place and not working—including the right ventricle of her heart, which pumped blood backward—Winslow had to endure multiple major surgeries in her first few months of life, and her family had to face an intimidating health care system with uncertainty about what their daughter’s condition truly meant for her and them. Fortunately, the Ogle family’s Texas Medicaid nurse service coordinator Rebecca Melville and the team at Cook Children’s Health Plan has been there to help make sense of their situation and connect every dot.

For every roadblock she encountered, Winslow’s mom, Shelly, “called Rebecca and ‘Boom!’ everything was done.” Shelly says Rebecca “has always been there” for her family, checking on them regularly and always working to reduce delays, make the right connections, and navigate an otherwise complex health care system.

Shelly says the entire Cook Children’s team—from the doctors and nurses to the service coordinators and Medicaid providers—“saved my daughter’s life…You know that little saying about it takes a village? Well, they are our village.”

Learn how Texas Medicaid has been there for the Ogle family—connecting them with the personalized care and support Winslow needs to stay healthy, play with her dog, go to the movies, and do all the other things that make life fun for every 5-year-old.

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